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Birthday Wishes For Cousin


  • Happy Birthday To You Twins! Much Love And Much Happiness To Both Of You!
  • Happy Birthday. You Are So Important To Me. I Am Glad I Am In Your Family.
  • Happy Birthday My Uncle, I Wish You A Lot Of Good Surprises For This Special Day.
  • Happy Birthday Auntie! Even Though We Are Far Away, I Send You My Sweetest Thoughts!
  • Aunt, Thank You For Making Me Feel Special And Loved. You Are Amazing. Happy Birthday!
  • I’ve Always Felt Very Close To You Auntie. I Wish You A Great Birthday, And I Kiss You.
  • For This Wonderful Day, We Wish You All The Happiness You Can Imagine For Your Birthday.
  • You Truly Get More Beautiful And Wiser With Age. I’M Proud To Call You Relative. Happy Birthday.
  • In Case You Didn’t Already Know, You Are A Remarkable Mom. Don’T Ever Forget It! Happy Birthday !
  • Jump For Joy! It’s The Birthday Celebration Of Our One And Only Peanut! Have A Wonderful Birthday !
  • I am sorry I missed your birthday, you have had so many I lost track.
  • A belated birthday wish that your life will continue to be filled with the happiness you deserve. Have a wonderful year!
  • I’m so lucky to have such a great friend like you… who’d forgive me if I forgot his(/her) birthday. Happy belated birthday!
  • Although my birthday wish is too late, my best wishes for your health and happiness are good 365 days a year. Hope you had a happy birthday!
  • Does having forgotten your Birthday mean that I have to please you with extra Birthday gifts? Okay, I am ready to do that as long as you accept my Belated Birthday wishes!
  • It’s amazing to know that you’ve turned a year older to welcome another fantastic year of your life. And I’ve been a day late in wishing you for that. Belated Happy Birthday!
  • Do you know why I deliberately wanted to wish you a day later? That’s because I wanted you to enjoy the celebration of your Birthday for one more day. Belated Happy Birthday!
  • I may have forgotten your Birthday by a day, but I haven’t forgotten all the lovely times that we’ve spent together. So cheers to that and I wish you a Belated Happy Birthday!
  • Birthday wishes are meant to be given genuinely from the heart. How does it matter whether they are given a day early or a day late? So here’s wishing you a Belated Happy Birthday!
  • You’re one of my best friends so I’m sure you’ll understand that my heart grows fonder for you each day. It’s just that I forgot to wish you yesterday. Belated Happy Birthday my friend.
  • Although my memory is becoming worse day by day, my love for you is only becoming stronger. So be kind and accept my Belated Birthday wishes. Hope you have many more awesome Birthdays to see.
  • Your date of birth is etched in my mind in a way that I would never forget it. But this time around, I went a little berserk. Please accept my apologies and my heartfelt Belated Birthday wishes.

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